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Town Partnership

Torpoint Town Partnership (TTP) was founded in May 2010 with the prime purpose of serving as a focal point for Torpoint-focused initiatives, by bringing together stakeholders from the private, public or community sectors, and to co-ordinate their activities towards a common goal.  Furthermore, TTP aims to formulate a clearly defined, shared vision within a realistic Torpoint Town Council initiated Development Plan, together with properly-prioritised programmes of improvements, to the benefit of the Townís stakeholders.  In order to achieve this, TTP seeks to co-ordinate the activities of such stakeholders and to help with identifying funding for initiatives in the Town.

Chairman: Torpoint Town Mayor Councillor Mrs Chris Goodman

Vice-Chairman: Torpoint Deputy Town Mayor Councillor Miss Rachel Tanner BEM

Treasurer: Councillor Mrs Kim Brownhill


View the TTP Constitution (pdf)

Details of the Torpoint Town Partnership meetings are given below. Please note that minutes will be published after they have been ratified at the subsequent TTP meeting.


Town Partnership Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
9th September 2010   Annual General Meeting Minutes
9th December 2010    Minutes
8th September 2011    Minutes
9th February 2012   AgendaMinutes
8th March 2012   Quarterly MeetingAgendaMinutes
12th April 2012   - Diamond Jubilee Interim MeetingAgendaMinutes
26th April 2012   - Additional Interim Meeting Minutes
10th May 2012   - Diamond Jubilee Interim MeetingAgendaMinutes
24th May 2012   Final Diamond Jubilee Planning MeetingAgendaMinutes
14th June 2012   Annual General MeetingAgendaMinutes
13th September 2012   Quarterly Meeting Minutes
13th December 2012   Quarterly Meeting Minutes
26th February 2013    Minutes
14th March 2013    Minutes
11th April 2013    Minutes
9th May 2013    Minutes
13th June 2013   AGM 2013 Minutes
11th July 2013   AgendaMinutes
12th September 2013   Agenda 
9th January 2014    Minutes
13th February 2014   Agenda 
6th May 2014    Minutes
12th June 2014    Minutes
10th July 2014    Minutes
21st July 2014   Armed Forces Day Minutes
18th August 2014    Minutes
11th September 2014   Armed Forces Day Minutes
9th October 2014    Minutes
21st October 2014   Armed Forces Day Minutes
13th November 2014   Armed Forces Day Minutes
11th December 2014   Armed Forces Day Minutes
20th January 2015   Armed Forces Day Minutes
17th February 2015   Armed Forces Day Minutes
17th March 2015   Armed Forces Day Minutes
12th April 2015   Armed Forces Day Minutes
14th April 2015   Armed Forces Day  
7th July 2015    Minutes
3rd September 2015   Carnival 2015 Minutes
8th October 2015   AgendaMinutes
10th November 2015   AgendaMinutes
14th January 2016   AgendaMinutes
11th February 2016   AgendaMinutes
10th March 2016   AgendaMinutes
14th April 2016   AgendaMinutes
10th May 2016   AgendaMinutes
9th June 2016   AgendaMinutes
14th July 2016   AGMAgendaMinutes
8th September 2016   AgendaMinutes
13th October 2016   AgendaMinutes
10th January 2017   AgendaMinutes
21st February 2017   AgendaMinutes
21st March 2017   AgendaMinutes
18th April 2017   AgendaMinutes
16th May 2017   AgendaMinutes
20th June 2017   AGM 2017AgendaMinutes
18th July 2017   AgendaMinutes
19th September 2017   AgendaMinutes
17th October 2017   AgendaMinutes
14th November 2017   AgendaMinutes
9th January 2018   AgendaMinutes
20th February 2018   AgendaMinutes
20th March 2018   AgendaMinutes
17th April 2018   AgendaMinutes
22nd May 2018   AgendaMinutes
26th June 2018   AgendaMinutes
24th July 2018   AgendaMinutes
5th September 2018   AgendaMinutes
16th October 2018   AgendaMinutes
19th November 2018   AgendaMinutes
15th January 2019   Diary DatesAgendaMinutes
26th February 2019   AgendaMinutes
2nd April 2019   AgendaMinutes
7th May 2019   AgendaMinutes
4th June 2019     

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