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Council Meetings

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Town Council meets on the third Thursday of each month at 7.15pm in the Council Committee Room, Open Forum now commences at 7.00pm.

Asset Management and Operations Committee meets on the fourth Thursday of each month (with the exception of May and December). 

Development and Localism Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month (with the exception of August) at 7pm in the Council Committee Room.

Finance and Personnel Committee meets on the Monday of the week preceeding the Asset Management and Operations Committee (with the exception of August) at 7pm in the Council Committee Room..

Council and Committee meetings are open to the public and additionally members of the public can address members at the beginning of the Council meeting on the third Thursday, at the Public Forum. If anyone has a lengthy question it is helpful if it is submitted in writing to The Town Clerk or a Councillor a week before the meeting in order to have all relevant information to hand at the meeting.

The Annual Meeting of the Council takes place in May and it is also our Mayor Choosing Ceremony. The meeting is again held on the third Thursday of the month and this also includes the annual meeting in an election year that usually co-incides with the normal Council meeting cycle.

Please note that minutes will be published on this website after they have been ratified at the subsequent meeting of the relevant committee.



The register of interest forms for each Councillor on Torpoint Town Council can be viewed at:


Town Council Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
16th January 2020 AgendaMinutes
20th February 2020 AgendaMinutes
19th March 2020 AgendaMinutes
16th April 2020 CANCELLED  
30th April 2020 Virtual Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
21st May 2020 Virtual Annual MeetingAgendaMinutes
28th May 2020 Adjourned Annual & Parish - CANCELLED   
18th June 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
16th July 2020 Virtual Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
20th August 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
17th September 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
15th October 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
19th November 2020 Virtual MeetingAgenda 
17th December 2020 Virtual Meeting  
17th January 2019 AgendaMinutes
21st February 2019 AgendaMinutes
21st March 2019 AgendaMinutes
18th April 2019 AgendaMinutes
16th May 2019 Annual MeetingAgendaMinutes
23rd May 2019 Adjourned Annual MeetingAgendaMinutes
23rd May 2019 Annual Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes
20th June 2019 AgendaMinutes
18th July 2019 AgendaMinutes
15th August 2019 AgendaMinutes
21st August 2019 Extraordinary MeetingAgendaMinutes
19th September 2019 AgendaMinutes
17th October 2019 AgendaMinutes
21st November 2019 AgendaMinutes
19th December 2019 AgendaMinutes

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Finance and Personnel Committee Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
3rd February 2020 AgendaMinutes
2nd March 2020 AgendaMinutes
30th March 2020 CANCELLED  
4th May 2020 CANCELLED  
1st June 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
29th June 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
1st September 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
28th September 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
2nd November 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
30th November 2020 Virtual MeetingAgenda 
4th February 2019 AgendaMinutes
4th March 2019 AgendaMinutes
1st April 2019 AgendaMinutes
29th April 2019 AgendaMinutes
3rd June 2019 AgendaMinutes
1st July 2019 AgendaMinutes
9th September 2019 AgendaMinutes
30th September 2019 AgendaMinutes
4th November 2019 AgendaMinutes
2nd December 2019 AgendaMinutes

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Asset Management and Operations Committee Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
23rd January 2020 AgendaMinutes
27th February 2020 AgendaMinutes
26th March 2020 CANCELLEDAgenda 
23rd April 2020 CANCELLED  
25th June 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
23rd July 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
24th September 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
22nd October 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
26th November 2020 Virtual MeetingAgenda 
24th January 2019 AgendaMinutes
28th February 2019 AgendaMinutes
28th March 2019 AgendaMinutes
25th April 2019 AgendaMinutes
27th June 2019 AgendaMinutes
25th July 2019 AgendaMinutes
26th September 2019 AgendaMinutes
25th October 2019 AgendaMinutes
28th November 2019 AgendaMinutes

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Development and Localism Committee Meetings

Date Agenda Minutes
6th February 2020 AgendaMinutes
5th March 2020 AgendaMinutes
2nd April 2020 CANCELLED  
7th May 2020 CANCELLED  
4th June 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
2nd July 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
3rd September 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
1st October 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
6th October 2020 Adjourned Item Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
5th November 2020 Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
3rd December 2020 Virtual MeetingAgenda 
7th February 2019 AgendaMinutes
7th March 2019 AgendaMinutes
4th April 2019 AgendaMinutes
2nd May 2019 AgendaMinutes
6th June 2019 AgendaMinutes
4th July 2019 AgendaMinutes
5th September 2019 AgendaMinutes
3rd October 2019 AgendaMinutes
7th November 2019 AgendaMinutes
5th December 2019 AgendaMinutes

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