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Torpoint Town Council

Development and Localism Committee Meeting Reports

Meeting date: 1 April 2021

Agenda (pdf)

Minutes (pdf)

Comment: Virtual Meeting

Agenda 3a Com Hub & Library update April 21 (pdf)

Agenda 3b Com Hub & Library Income March 21 (pdf)

Agenda 5a ii Parks timeline budget update A3 (pdf)

Agenda 5f Letter to C Cooper FOI request March 202 (pdf)

Agenda 10a PA21 01835 50 Cremyll Road (pdf)

Agenda 12a Festival of Rowing (pdf)

Agenda 12b Comm Gov planning changes (pdf)

Agenda 12c New BT Consultation Review (pdf)

Agenda 12d Local Devolution Fund Cornwall Council (pdf)

Agenda 12f Tamar Comm Trust Wacker Quay March 2021 (pdf)

Agenda 12g Shekinah Quarterly Newsletter Feb 21 (pdf)


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