Torpoint Town Council
1-3 Buller Road, Torpoint, Cornwall PL11 2LD
Tel: 01752 814165



Download Vision for Torpoint - Landscapte Institute Awards 2016

Download Town Councillor Vacancy

Download Torpoint War Memorial Proposal

Download Torpoint ShelterBox Deployed

Download Torpoint Ferry Report until Nov 14

Download Torpoint Ferry Report June 2015

Download Torpoint Ferry Report Jan 2016

Download Torpoint Ferry Report Dec 14

Download Torpoint Carnival

Download The King's Troop RHA 17 Sept 2014

Download Table Top Sale 14 Feb

Download Rubbish & Recycling - Update

Download Rubbish & Recycling - Further Update

Download Proposed Torpoint Health Centre - Public Consultation

Download Mayors Advertiser Oct 2017

Download Mayor's Report October 2015

Download Mayor's Report March 2012

Download Mayor's Report June 2015

Download Mayor's Report February 2015

Download Mayor's Report Feb Mar 16

Download Mayor's Report Dec 2019

Download Mayor's Report Dec 15 - Jan 16

Download Mayor's Report April 2015

Download Mayor's Report Apr 2016

Download Mayor's Parlour Nov 2016

Download Mayor's Message March 2014

Download Mayor's Message February/March 2013

Download Mayor's Message April/May 2013

Download Mayor's Diary Oct - Nov 2015

Download Mayor's Diary Nov 2014

Download Mayor's Diary May 2015

Download Mayor's Diary June / July 2015

Download Mayor's Diary July - September 2015

Download Mayor's Diary January 2015

Download Mayor's Communications March 2017

Download Mayor's Communication Sep 13

Download Mayor's Communication July 2017

Download Mayor's Communication August 2019

Download Mayor's Column October 2019

Download Mayor's Column Nov 2019

Download Mayor's Column Dec 2014

Download Mayor's Column August 2017

Download Mayor's Charity Table-Top Sale 15 March 2014

Download Mayor's Advertiser November 2017

Download Mayor's Advertiser November

Download Mayor's Advertiser December 2017

Download Mayor's Advertiser

Download Mayor Choosing - Acceptance Speech Cllr Mrs. Chris Goodman

Download Gorsedh Events September 2014

Download Ferry Report Oct - Nov 2015

Download Ferry Report July to Setepmber 2015

Download Ferry Report Feb Mar 16

Download Ferry Report April 2015

Download Country Market

Download Councillor Vacancy

Download Battle's Over Torpoint's Tribute to the Fallen of WWI

Download Advertiser March 2019



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