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Torpoint Town Council

Finance and Operations Committee Meeting Reports

Meeting date: 30 August 2022

Agenda (pdf)

Minutes (pdf)

Agenda 10a (pdf)

Agenda 10b (pdf)

Agenda 10c (pdf)

Agenda 10d (pdf)

Agenda 10e (pdf)

Agenda 10f (pdf)

Agenda 10g (pdf)

Agenda 10h (pdf)

Agenda 10i (pdf)

Agenda 10j (pdf)

Agenda 5a Investment Strategy (pdf)

Agenda 5b Torpoint Volunteering Policy (pdf)

Agenda 5d Financial Regulations August 2022 (pdf)

Agenda 5d Town Council Best Value Statement (pdf)

Agenda 6g (pdf)

Agenda 5e (pdf)


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